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The 10 pound merry-go-round

Who starts a diet on a holiday weekend???  Well it’s time for this chef to get her game back.  I’ve probably gained and lost this same 10 pounds about 10 times now…so basically 100 pounds, ugh!  My downfall is the weekends, thus my reason to start this on the weekend instead of doing more damage over the next 3 days.

I’m a big advocate of strength training over cardio.  I’ve never been a big cardio fan, never felt that runner’s high, but I do enjoy a good bicycle ride on a warm, sunny day.  I don’t have as many diet and exercise books as I have recipe books, but I definitely have more than than any of my friends.  Two of my favorite fitness authors are Jim Karas and Harley Pasternak.  Both are advocates of strength training for creating a toned lean body and both promote a healthy eating plan with a basis of moderation, not restriction.

So where am I now?  150 pounds, 5’7″ tall and measurements of 37, 32.5, 38.5.  I feel my best at 140, it’s really amazing what a difference 10 pounds can make!  I was just there (at 140), last July – what happened?  why did I not stop the climb at 142, 145, 147???  Why do I have to get to the 10 pound mark to finally dig my heels in and say enough?  At 142, I could have been back at “my best” in a week or two; at 145 it would have been 3-4 weeks, now here I am staring at that 10 pound merry-go-round and 8-10 weeks from where I need to be!!!

Oh well, the damage has been done, it’s time to put on my big girl panties and get moving!  So, following the Jim Karas methodology, going public is key – therefore I’m putting my goals and plan out here for all to see – adding some accountability to the mix.  To make the goals easier on the brain, I’m going to apply the number 5 to my goals from Harley Pasternak’s plan called 5-Factor Fitness – meaning 5 workouts a week and 5 meals a day.  I’ll post brief entries here so you can see how I’m doing and what I’m doing.  Maybe I’ll even inspire someone to get off their 10 pound merry-go-round.

So how did I get here?  Where did these 10 pounds come from?  What wagon did I fall off of?  Well to put it briefly…

  • I stopped watching what I ate
  • I all but stopped working out

Aside from some kind of illness, aren’t those basically the only two factors in a weight change… calories in vs. calories out?

Feel free to follow along with me, even if you have more than 10 pounds to lose, breaking it into smaller chunks makes it not quite so overwhelming.  Get yourself a notebook and schedule your workouts for this week.  Make a food plan and go to the grocery store so you aren’t having the think about it all week.  Reward yourself at each mini-goal and renew your commitment.

Here we go, Week 1, Day 1…


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