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In Honor of RocksAnne

RocksAnneI did the hardest thing I have ever done today.  I took my beloved 12 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, RocksAnne, to the vet to be put to sleep.  I won’t go into all of the issues she was having that zapped away her doggie joys, but let it suffice to say that my sweet baby girl is resting peacefully with all her doggie-ness restored.

This photo above is from quite a few years ago at one of the cabins in the woods we frequent.  She would hike with us, take a dip in the creeks nearby and chase critters in the woods.

A Chesapeake Bay Retriever is similar to a Labrador, but with curly thick hair.  There is a saying that you train a Labrador, you negotiate with a Chessie!  We have found that to be fact.  When I first got RocksAnne at 4 months old, I had a chain link fence put in my backyard so she would have a safe place to play – within a week she had literally unwound the chain link and escaped.  We repaired the fence and eventually “negotiated” with her to keep the peace and stay inside the fence.  The next summer I put in a flower/herb garden within the chain link fence area… she liked digging in my garden, so I installed an underground electric fence around the garden and put the collar on her.  The collar would give her a warning beep when she got within a certain proximity of the garden, if she proceeded to get closer, she would get a gentle shock… My smart girl took only days to figure out if she just stood there while the collar beeped, the battery would eventually run down and then she could dig up the electric fence wire without getting shocked!  How do you negotiate with your four legged friend when she is secretly reading the dog version of Popular Science?

We had some awesome times – sitting in the closet waiting for the storms to pass, replacing daddy’s favorite shoes that you thought tasted so good, getting the feathers out of your mouth when you caught your first duck, sizing up every stranger the other kids brought home before giving them your approval, swimming in the pond at Maury County, staying in too many cabins to count, and just sitting together in the same room.


RocksAnne Jan 2, 1997 – Jun 8, 2009

Rest in peace my sweet, sweet girl – you served us well and were a brave girl to the last moment.  We love you!


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10 thoughts on “In Honor of RocksAnne

  1. My condolences! I know it is a very hard, sad day. If it will help, you are welcome to come down and visit Charlie sometime!

  2. Hannah on said:

    ❤ Rocksie

  3. Robyn – so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. I also owned a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and she was one of the smartest animals I ever came across. hugs to you. Deb

  4. Hi Robyn,

    I just found your blog and wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about the loss of your dog. We have a 12 year old Brittany Spaniel who is not doing well, so I know there are sad days ahead for us as well.


  5. Linda Hammel on said:

    Hi Robyn,

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. I had to put my sweet Angel to sleep in June,2009. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I had to be there with her at the end. She was a Chesapeake also and 11 yrs. old. The grieving did not end until her ashes were returned to me. I keep them in my bedroom and I feel she is with us always. The house was so empty without her, I went and got another Chesapeake. Her name is Callie and she is 10 weeks old. I see Angel in some of the things she does. She can’t replace her, but she does bring joy back into the house. Chesapeake dogs are the smartest dogs and truly loyal to their family.

  6. Linda,

    Thank you so much. I did the same thing – I have her ashes in my nightstand right beside my bed. Luckily we had our 4 yr old Chessie to comfort us; otherwise, we’d probably have another one by now as well. They are terrific dogs! Send me a photos of your Chessies.

  7. CJ,
    Thanks. How is your new biz going?

  8. Debra,
    It was great meeting you and being in your class at conference. Chessies are very special dogs.

  9. Thanks babe –

  10. Kevin,
    I just found out that the proper netiquette is to reply to replies to your blog. Sorry about your “vacation.”

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