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Chef Robyn & Tabasco

Chef Robyn & Tabasco

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, dog lover, and novice construction worker.  I have also been a computer programmer, health coach and personal chef.  I spend my spare time cooking, painting and fitting in a workout here and there.  You might also find me spending a long weekend in a cabin in the woods.  My husband and I are building a tiny house before deciding on our next career.  So for now, we are enjoying lots of time together… either at the farm working on the house, or relaxing and enjoying our beautiful granddaughters.


One thought on “About

  1. Cyndi on said:

    Dear Robyn,
    Here there, I am a fellow nashvillian personal chef (I actually work mostly in the Franklin/Brentwood area). I was researching some things re: personal cheffing and kept bumping into a link to you somewhere or another. I thought I’d check out your blog (I haven’t written one for myself yet) and I was just heart broken over your story about RocksAnne. It could be me any day now too. I have a Black Lab – Maggie – who is 12 1/2 and thank God she is still hanging in there! I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of your sweet brave girl….I can only imagine. Warm thoughts go your way. If you ever want to connect up and network together, let me know. You can check out my website:
    Blessings to you and the family, Cyndi

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